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The Very Best Online Piano Keyboards, for Enthusiasts

Piano learning is entering an exciting new era, thanks to the rise of online music keyboards. As a music educator, I’ve seen these tools open up a world of opportunities for students. For reals.

They’re not just about convenience; they’re an essential tool to acquire new musical skills and a deeper love for music.

To understand why this matters and see how these keyboards are making waves in the music world; keep reading!

Listen up as we introduce you to the top online keyboards that are changing the game. Get ready to explore how these platforms can be your key to unlocking your musical potential.

Online Piano Keyboards

Virtual Piano

Virtual Piano stands out with its user-friendly interface and realistic piano sound, making it a favorite among beginners. It’s accessible and easy to use, allowing users to play using their computer keyboard or mouse.

This online tool is excellent for those who are just starting to explore the world of piano music.

Virtual Piano.


OnlinePianist offers an interactive piano tutorial experience that’s unmatched in its variety. With a vast library of songs and customizable learning options, it caters to users who want to learn specific songs.

The platform’s guided tutorials make learning fun and efficient, ideal for enthusiastic learners.



Pianu is renowned for its engaging method of teaching and gamified lessons, offering a unique approach to piano learning.

Compatible with MIDI keyboards and playable with a computer keyboard, Pianu suits those who enjoy a more interactive and gamified learning experience.


Multiplayer Piano

Multiplayer Piano is a one-of-a-kind online piano that allows real-time interaction with other players.

Its multiplayer feature enables musicians to collaborate and share their music online, providing a social and collaborative aspect to music learning.

Multiplayer Piano.


Flowkey is highly praised for its intuitive interface and structured lesson plans, offering a wide range of songs and detailed tutorials.

It’s the perfect choice for those serious about learning piano and who appreciate a well-organized approach to music education.



PianoNanny provides free, high-quality piano lessons in a more traditional, text-based format.

It offers in-depth instruction and exercises, making it suitable for students who prefer a lesson-based approach to learning piano.


Simply Piano

Simply Piano, a mobile app, is known for its ability to listen to your play and provide instant feedback.

Offering courses for various skill levels and tastes, it’s ideal for mobile users seeking immediate feedback on their playing.

Simply Piano.

Skype Piano Lessons

While not a traditional online keyboard, Skype Piano Lessons connects you with professional teachers for live, one-on-one lessons via Skype.

This service is perfect for those seeking personalized instruction and the guidance of a professional teacher.

Skype Piano Lessons.

Each of these platforms offers a unique way to experience and learn piano.

If you prefer interactive lessons, gamified learning experiences, or personal instruction, there’s an option available to support and enhance your musical journey. Tickle those digital ivories!