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The Very Best Places to Buy Music CDs Online in 2024 & Beyond!

If you discover the perfect album, you want to own it rather than relying on the idea that it will always be on YouTube or Spotify to stream.

Buying CDs also means that you can support the artist and ensure that they make more music in the future.

So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best places on the web to buy new and used CDs.

A Journey Back to the Slim Shady Days

There’s something about the music of our youth that always seems to call us back, like an old friend we’ve lost touch with over the years. For me, that call came in the form of Eminem’s Slim Shady EP, a raw, unfiltered prelude to his later, more polished works. It was this CD that had blared through the speakers of my old boombox, its rebellious anthems becoming the backdrop of my teenage rebellion.

The search began on Amazon, a reliable source for the latest hits and classic tunes alike. Yet, the “Slim Shady EP” eluded me, perhaps too niche for even Amazon’s extensive catalog.

Next, I scoured eBay, the digital emporium where rare finds and nostalgic pieces often surface. I combed through listings, my anticipation building with each click. But the EP remained just out of reach, as if the platform’s vastness swallowed it whole.

It was on Discogs where the past finally resurfaced. There it was, the familiar, cartoonish artwork of the “Slim Shady EP” staring back at me. A seller, known for their impeccable taste and an impressive collection of hip-hop memorabilia, had listed it. My heart raced — it was a collector’s item, and the price reflected its rarity. But the emotional value was priceless. I didn’t hesitate; I clicked ‘Buy’ with the excitement of a teenager about to experience Slim Shady’s mischievous rhymes for the first time.

When the CD arrived, it was more than just a transaction completed; it was a piece of history, a fragment of my identity, returned to me. As the beats and brash lyrics filled the room, I was transported back to those days of youthful exuberance, where every lyric felt like a personal manifesto.

This quest for the Slim Shady EP was a poignant reminder of the enduring power of physical media. In an age dominated by streaming, the act of holding that CD, with its booklet and artwork, felt like a rebellion in itself — a nod to the days when album releases were events and music was a tangible experience. It underscored why the best places to buy music CDs online are not merely commercial outlets but portals to our personal histories.


As with every genre of shopping, Amazon is a massive player in the music retail scene and it’s often worth checking their shop before moving on as they regularly have great deals and the best prices.

They don’t have the best music catalog mind you and there are plenty of items that they simply won’t carry – if that’s the case, try a different shop, Jeff Bezos won’t notice if you buy your music elsewhere, we promise.

Shop online here.

Amoeba Music (California)

They claim to be the largest independent record store in the nation – we don’t know about that but we do know that we love to shop here.

If you’re passing through California they also have a few bricks and mortar locations to check out too.

Shop online here.

Barnes And Noble

We know, Barnes and Noble is a book shop but with a wonderful online music store too.

We find they’re better for some genres than others but their online store is worth checking out when you have a bunch of albums on your wishlist – they’re very good value.

Shop online here.

CD Universe

As the name suggests, this site is all about CDs and they have one of the best catalogs that we’ve come across.

If we can’t find songs anywhere else in the world, we go to CD Universe, the downside is that they’re more expensive than most and as we prefer to save money when we shop – they tend to be a bit farther down our list of best stores.

Shop online here.

CD Connection

If you’re like us and you want to save as much as possible on your purchases then this is a nice bargain site with a wide collection of music from metal to classical.

As the name suggests, if you’re looking for vinyl, you’re out of luck but they rock for compact disc classics at sensible prices.

Shop online here.


Never write off eBay when it comes to used CDs. You can save a fortune on the site particularly if the seller has mixed their genres up when listing an album.

Just make sure your search input is accurate when looking for something to add to your current cart or you may find that you miss out on what you’re looking for.

Shop online here.

Feel It Records

This is a nice little store in San Diego that also allows you to buy from their website.

If you want Blue Note singles, this is the place to start your search and they have a great collection of CD titles from independent acts too.

Their site is very informative and interesting too, it’s worth a look even if you don’t buy anything.

Shop online here.

Mr. Cheapo CDs

This is a store in New York and a classic mom and pop music store too. They’ve been there since the mid-80s which means they’ve seen off some of the biggest music chains in the nation too!

As the name suggests, they are all about cheap music and you can really save a lot of money on various genres on their shelves.

They will deliver to your door and we love how often we find rare pieces in their collection.

Shop online here.

Norman Records

We only discovered Norman Records recently but they seem to have a solid offering of vinyl and CDs across a range of genres.

The price of most things is reasonable and we really liked how friendly their website is.

Shop online here.

Reckless Records

This shop is based in Chicago but they have a nice online store that will save you a trip to the Windy City if you want to buy some cool CDs.

Shop online here.

Tower Records

Yes! They’re back. Once again, they cover nearly all genres of music and claim to save you cash when compared to their competitors.

We were very excited to see their return but haven’t had a chance to buy very much from them, yet.

Shop online here.


And as you might expect, Walmart can sell you CDs too. Sure, they don’t have much in the way of unusual genres but they do have a reasonable selection and you won’t break the bank buying from Walmart, either.

Shop online here.

Do Artists Sell CDs Anymore?

Yes. Many artists still like to make their music available on CD.

While you may not find these in local stores as you once did, you can buy their albums from many of the stores listed above or directly from the record label’s shop too.

Is It Worth Buying CDs Anymore?

Only you can decide if you want to buy CDs anymore. Many artists still like to release a physical album and while vinyl is definitely becoming popular again – CDs are still a great recording mechanism and they are often released in limited editions now to make them more collectible.

We’d also note that used CDs are much better value than used vinyl and in almost all genres you get a guarantee of sound fidelity that you can’t with used vinyl records.

Can You Still Buy Single CDs?

Yes, you can still buy CD singles, but nobody’s releasing new CD singles, so you’d need to look for these secondhand.

The good news? While there’s a thriving market for used CDs, DVDs, etc. most of it is for album sales – so you should find a wide selection of bargain prices if you want singles.

We were thinking about launching a campaign to save the CD but that’s not needed now. There are loads of places to buy them online and there’s a big resurgence in their popularity as more people opt to own music again, rather than pay streaming services to borrow it.