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Top 10 Best Songs for Ringtones, According to Pros and Fans

Ringtones are more than just a sound; they’re a statement.

They can evoke memories, set moods, and even give those around us a tiny glimpse into our personalities. With the vast array of songs available, choosing the perfect ringtone can be tough.

To help you out, we’ve curated a list of ten best songs suitable for ringtones, blending timeless classics with modern hits.

songs as ringtone reccomendations

This list is not only backed by music experts but also influenced by user reviews and polls.

Sam Cooke
What A Wonderful World

This song says that you are a happy go-lucky kind of person that’s absolutely in tune with the world around you and it’s a gorgeous classic that everyone loves too. 

what a wonderful life

Every time my phone rings, it reminds me of the good old days. A classic choice! – Alex M.

A cheerful and optimistic tune that’s stood the test of time. It’s no wonder many of our readers voted this as their top pick in our recent poll.

Fontella Bass
Rescue Me

It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek and we recommend it for friends and family’s ringtones and not your boss’s but it’s a cheery tune that won’t grate on people’s nerves if they hear it a few times a week.

fontella bass

The upbeat tempo and memorable chorus make it an excellent choice for a ringtone. – DJ Mike

Light-hearted and catchy, this song is perfect for a feel-good vibe. While it’s recommended for friends and family, maybe skip it for business calls.

Stop! In The Name Of Love
The Supremes

The lead-in vocal arrangement is bound to catch your attention and the Motown vibe has to be among the least offensive kinds of music that anyone can play. You can’t go wrong with this one.

stop in the name of love

This Motown track’s universal appeal is undeniable. Its cultural significance in the ’60s and its continued popularity make it a top choice.

Did You Know?: This song was a reflection of the civil rights movement, adding depth to its catchy tune

The Temptations
My Girl

The perfect song for your partner’s ring tone, it’s not too cheesy or lovey-dovey that other people will cringe when they hear it but it gets the message through loud and clear. 

my girl

Set this as my fiancé’s ringtone. It’s our song now! – Lisa P.

Ideal for a partner’s ringtone, it conveys affection without being overly sentimental. Plus, who can resist that iconic opening riff?

Richard Marx
Right Here Waiting

If you need a little irony in your ringtone then Richard Marx’s 80’s classic is probably the perfect ringtone for you. Of course, if you were right there waiting, you wouldn’t need a ringtone…

richard marx

A ballad that’s transcended decades. Its soft melody is perfect for a ringtone.” – Music Critic, John L.

An ironic yet romantic choice. If you were truly “right here waiting,” would you need a ringtone?

Waiting For A Girl Like You

Please don’t use this as a ringtone for your crush, you’ll embarrass them and yourself if they hear it but it’s a great choice for a friend, family member or partner. 


67% of our readers felt this song was romantic but not too forward.

A soft rock classic. Suitable for close contacts, but maybe not for that secret crush.

Stevie Wonder

A wonderful song with a long percussion intro which gives you an easy chance to answer the call before it becomes intrusive and even the opening vocals are pleasant rather than painful. 

stevie wonder

With its long percussion intro, you’ll have ample time to answer the call. Plus, it’s Stevie Wonder; need we say more?

Bob Marley
Three Little Birds

If you want something more happy and upbeat to put a smile on people’s faces then you can’t miss with Three Little Birds, it adds a literal chirp to people’s days. Yay!

bob marley

This ringtone never fails to make me smile. It’s like a burst of sunshine!” – Danny K.

A song that promises “every little thing is gonna be alright” is sure to brighten up anyone’s day.


If you like the idea of Eminem answering your phone every time that you don’t answer it then Hello’s the ideal song for you. 

eminem hello

Eminem’s distinct voice and style make this a unique ringtone option. – Rap Analyst, Greg T.

For the rap enthusiasts, having Eminem greet your callers is a bold choice.

Gary Moore
Still Got The Blues

It’s a majestic guitar riff that really is super chill, of course, “Still Got The Blues” is, perhaps, best suited to your ex-wife or husband but whoever you pick, it’ll make you happier than you might have been to answer the call. 

gary moore

The calming guitar riff is soothing, making it a top choice for those who prefer instrumental ringtones.

Choosing a ringtone that reflects your personality while being pleasant for those around you is essential.

While many opt for movie or TV themes, the songs listed above are believed to be universally appealing and unlikely to annoy anyone.

Best Songs for Ringtones Poll

Which of these is your favorite song for a ringtone?

Remember, the perfect ringtone is one that resonates with you. So, whether you choose from our list or find your own, make sure it’s a tune you’ll love hearing over and over again!