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Top 10 Best Songs for Ringtones, According to Pros

Best Songs for Ringtones

Looking for some new songs to use as your ringtones?

Whether you’re into pop, rock, or country music, we’ve got something for everyone here at New Music World.

Check out our list of the ten best songs for ringtones! These are all tried and true and won’t disappoint.

These tunes are sure to get you in a good mood every time your phone rings.

Sam Cooke
What A Wonderful World

This song says that you are a happy go-lucky kind of person that’s absolutely in tune with the world around you and it’s a gorgeous classic that everyone loves too. 

what a wonderful life

Fontella Bass
Rescue Me

It’s a bit tongue-in-cheek and we recommend it for friends and family’s ringtones and not your boss’s but it’s a cheery tune that won’t grate on people’s nerves if they hear it a few times a week.

fontella bass

Stop! In The Name Of Love
The Supremes

The lead-in vocal arrangement is bound to catch your attention and the Motown vibe has to be among the least offensive kinds of music that anyone can play. You can’t go wrong with this one.

stop in the name of love

The Temptations
My Girl

The perfect song for your partner’s ring tone, it’s not too cheesy or lovey-dovey that other people will cringe when they hear it but it gets the message through loud and clear. 

my girl

Richard Marx
Right Here Waiting

If you need a little irony in your ringtone then Richard Marx’s 80’s classic is probably the perfect ringtone for you. Of course, if you were right there waiting, you wouldn’t need a ringtone…

richard marx

Waiting For A Girl Like You

Please don’t use this as a ringtone for your crush, you’ll embarrass them and yourself if they hear it but it’s a great choice for a friend, family member or partner. 


Stevie Wonder

A wonderful song with a long percussion intro which gives you an easy chance to answer the call before it becomes intrusive and even the opening vocals are pleasant rather than painful. 

stevie wonder

Bob Marley
Three Little Birds

If you want something more happy and upbeat to put a smile on people’s faces then you can’t miss with Three Little Birds, it adds a literal chirp to people’s days. Yay!

bob marley


If you like the idea of Eminem answering your phone every time that you don’t answer it then Hello’s the ideal song for you. 

eminem hello

Gary Moore
Still Got The Blues

It’s a majestic guitar riff that really is super chill, of course, “Still Got The Blues” is, perhaps, best suited to your ex-wife or husband but whoever you pick, it’ll make you happier than you might have been to answer the call. 

gary moore

Final Notes

A ringtone has to say something about you and, at the same time, it has to be something that other people within earshot either like, or at least, don’t hate.

We know that this makes a lot of people opt for a movie or TV theme rather than something with words but we think these songs for ringtones work really well and won’t make anyone mad when they hear them.

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