Best Songs To Wake Up To, According To Sleep Experts

Songs To Wake Up To

Even the most enthusiastic morning person can benefit from a great song to prepare them for the day ahead.

That’s literally why we put together our list of the best songs to wake up to!

We guarantee there’s at least one song on our list that will be the perfect song to help you face the challenging day ahead.

Every Great Morning Song You Will Ever Need

Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles

This classic feel good song from the absolute masters of pop music will put you in a great mood. It’s important to start the day with a happy tune, we think, and it doesn’t get much happier or optimistic than this.

Give it a listen here.

Brave – Sara Bareilles

If your alarm clock is going to bring you mornings filled with trials, then you need to pop “Brave” on before you leave the house. It’ll give you all the strength you need for modern life.

Give it a listen here.

Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake

If you want your alarm song to get you grooving then you can’t go wrong with a bit of Justin in the morning. It’s simply a cheerful, positive tune that fills the world with good vibes.

Give it a listen here.

Lovely Day – Bill Withers

Lovely Day by Bill is a great tune and one which acknowledges life’s trials and tribulations and says “nevermind, it’s still a great day!”

Give it a listen here.

The Circle Of Life – Lion King OST

No need to fight your stepdad with this one, just feel the cool African vibes drift over you and know that you’re part of something bigger. The music video is super soothing too.

Give it a listen here.

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

There’s a Taylor tune for every occasion and this superb song encourages you to throw off other people’s negativity and enjoy your life. “It’s gonna be all right.”

Give it a listen here.

Stronger – Kanye West (Ye)

When you need a jolt of adrenaline – you can’t go wrong with this song from Kanye.

Give it a listen here.

Best Day Of My Life – American Authors

Sing along and the more that you do? The more you’ll feel it. This is just so upbeat that it’s impossible to feel down after listening to it.

Give it a listen here.

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley

“Every little ting is gonna be alright”. We completely agree Bob. And we love the point this song makes and it always puts us in a good mood.

Give it a listen here.

Wake Me Up – Avicii

It’s one of our favorite dance tracks and the strong beat will not just see you wide awake but it will also encourage you to stay centered all day long.

Give it a listen here.

Wake Up – Arcade Fire

This confident Arcade Fire number is what our resident music psychologist recommends in the morning. It strongly encourages you to be great.

Give it a listen here.

Walking On Sunshine – Katrina And The Waves

This teenage anthem is the perfect way to enjoy a good morning ever day.

Give it a listen here.

Alaska – Maggie Rogers

Pharell Williams says this is his morning song and we love the quiet power in the lyrics. Face the day with confidence.

Give it a listen here.

This Too Shall Pass – OK Go

It’s an earworm, so be prepared to take this with you throughout the day but if you need something catchy and resolutely positive? You can’t go wrong with this to start your day.

Give it a listen here.

Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens

This is a spiritual and beautiful song that calls to calm before the frenzy of the day. Keep it soft.

Give it a listen here.

Bittersweet Symphony – The Verve

Look if the world’s getting you down, you don’t always want a bundle of syrupy joy on the record deck first thing. On those days? Opt for this delicate tune that promises commiseration and better days.

Give it a listen here.

Start Me Up – The Rolling Stones

Microsoft had to pay millions for using this to start Windows up but you can start your day to this high-energy number by streaming it for free! You can’t go wrong with 60s guitar and Mick Jagger crooning over it.

Give it a listen here.

Mr. Blue Sky – Electric Light Orchestra

This is a wonderful song packed with optimism and a happy outlook. Enjoy your day!

Give it a listen here.

Shake It Out – Florence + The Machine

The day you get out of bed and want to leave the past behind? Shake it out with Florence. You will feel the strength flowing back into you.

Give it a listen here.

Beautiful Day – U2

This slightly spiritual number is truly joyful and a lovely start to the day. It works really well when heard on bone conduction headphones too.

Give it a listen here.

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Everyone feels happier when they listen to this addictive pop ditty. So, will you.

Give it a listen here.

Roar – Katy Perry

If you need to feel brave and bold today, then Roar. This is the song we’d play before we ask for a pay rise. (A what? Ed.) It sounds wicked on a set of motorcycle speakers!

Give it a listen here.

Viva La Vida – Coldplay

This is a beautiful calming tune that has plenty of soothing energy for the day ahead.

Give it a listen here.

Beautiful Morning – Roachford

Britain’s Roachford has the right idea. Celebrate the morning to this solid soul number. We listen to this on our favorite jazz headphones.

Give it a listen here.

Beautiful Day with My Best Friend – Jimmy Eat World

And Jimmy knows the right way to deal with a hard day, share it with your best friend. We couldn’t agree more.

Give it a listen here.

Final Thoughts On A Morning Song For A Fantastic Day

You don’t have to love mornings to get out of bed feeling good and with a smile on your face.

The songs above will have you waking with joy and singing the lyrics as you smile to yourself and your happiness becomes addictive to others around you too.

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