Best Spotify Stats Websites

Best Spotify Stats Websites

If you have a Spotify account and some awesome Spotify playlists, you can use the best Spotify stats websites to analyze your Spotify listening habits.

You can even share that data with friends and use it to broaden your own listening horizons too!

The Spotify data you get with these apps is much more than a list of your top tracks or most played songs.

Why not try one today and see for yourself?

How To Get Spotify Data Whatever Your Music Taste Or Listening Habits

Stats For Spotify

This is a great web app to get your Spotify playlist data analyzed for the first time.

It gives a neat overview of key information and then you can use that data to create your own charts that you share with other users.

We like the focus on genres as it helps you build better playlists in the future.

Check it out here.

Judge My Spotify

This site used to be called “How Bad Is Your Spotify?” and it adds a touch of levity as it judges your top songs and favorite songs.

Unlike other classic Spotify data analyzer packages, this one guarantees privacy for your data and once you log out, it doesn’t save any of your stats.

Check it out here.


For Spotify users that want to go beyond top artists and find out things like their music obscurity rating – Music Taste Space can analyze Spotify data in an incredible number of ways.

It’s super powerful and once you’ve had your listening habits analyzed – you’re going to be blown away by what you’ve learned.

Check it out here.

Zodiac Affinity

If you want to find out how your music taste aligns with the zodiac, this is the place to do it.

It uses your favorite tracks to determine their relationships with your star signs and then it suggests songs based on that sign.

If you want to build a new Spotify playlist without going through your current favorite artists then this can be an interesting exercise.

However, we’d note that it tends to throw out a lot of obscure artists and everyone’s experience with this app varies quite broadly.

Check it out here.

Sort Your Music

This analytical package looks at all the popular songs in your playlists and then lets you break them down by dozens of different attributes (it’s based on the Echo Nest system) such as Spotify statistics or acoustic factors or how mainstream something is and then helps you find new music.

It also helps to delete duplicate tracks in playlists without going through them by hand.

Check it out here.


Obscurify users can get personal statistics that focus on how obscure your taste is compared to other Obscurify users.

A Spotify user will be given a ton of information about their library and, in particular, about the most obscure slots in their playlist.

One thing we really like about this option out of the Spotify stats websites is that, unlike some other Spotify websites, it creates nifty graphs to help you see the data at a glance.

Check it out here.


This is quite a clever tool that allows you to create Spotify charts of your songs over certain periods of time and then it creates receipts (or at least receipt-style lists) of those periods for you.

This makes for super easy sharing of your top ten tracks either online or offline and we love the way it’s so easy to post the receipts on social media.

One other thing that we love about this service is that it’s completely free of charge.

Check it out here.

Discover Quickly

This is an awesome service that helps you discover new tracks and it doesn’t just serve up acid house or something from a random genre but after it works to sort your music it uses that information to create playlists you love.

You can also ask it to make a playlist based on a particular genre such as deep metalcore if you’ve never really got into that genre before.

Check it out here.


This is a really clever idea that creates playlists based on your running patterns to keep your energy high and uses the popular tracks from recent playlists to come up with the list that will keep your energy levels high throughout your run.

Check it out here.


This is a very comprehensive app that allows you to really drill down into what you like about your songs and then to create a new playlist based on that data.

We really love the export options for Skiley, they allow the nerd in your to bring your favorite analytical software to bear on the data set too.

Check it out here.

Final Notes

The best Spotify stats websites help you better understand your music taste and listening habits and that means that, over time, you can tweak your music listening habits to include even more top tracks and top songs that reflect your own music taste.

If you love discovering new music and want more than Spotify has offer recommend you check out alternative free apps.

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