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The Best TikTok Songs, According To Influencers

TikTok Songs

We confess when asked for our best TikTok songs our minds went blank for a second.

TikTok songs?

Surely, Spotify, YouTube, Apple, or Amazon Music but TikTok songs?

Well, it turns out that the best TikTok songs are, indeed, awesome and there are plenty of popular TikTok songs that really sound amazing!

So, we put together a TikTok dance playlist of the best TikTok songs and the most popular TikTok songs so that you don’t have to. Check it out!

Alors On Danse – Stromae

How is this song already more than 10 years old? It could easily appear on our top party songs list as it’s so infectious and has such a wickedly relaxed tempo to it.

That makes it ideal for anyone to dance to and that has propelled it to the top of many any influencer’s playlist.

Give it a listen here.

How You Like That? – Blackpink

How You Like That - Blackpink.

This is the kind of tune that we like to wake up to. It has a wonderfully aggressive build-up that then switches out to a much more chilled-out verse before punching it up in the chorus again.

Give it a listen here.

Leave, Get Out – Jojo & DB99

Leave, Get Out - Jojo

If only we’d made our songs for haters list a few weeks later and then this song which tells someone bluntly to stop raining on your parade would have made that list too.

Influencers can gather all their am-dram skills to mime to this one.

Give it a listen here.

Astronomia – Chiky Dee Jay

Astronomia - Chiky Dee Jay

Yes, it’s the song from the dancing pallbearers, and once you’ve heard this earworm? It never lets go.

It’s super popular and you can really get down and personalize your choreography for your next vid with it.

Give it a listen here.

good 4 u – Olivia Rodrigo

good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

This is Olivia shrugging off a break-up and showing that she doesn’t need a man to make her happy.

It’s become a TikTok anthem of sorts and you can find many an influencer mimicking her bangs to great effect.

Give it a listen here.

My Type – Saweetie

My Type - Saweetie

This is the perfect comedy lip-synch tune and it seems almost calculated to be a viral success.

It’s so hot on TikTok that you can almost feel it burn!

Give it a listen here.

La La La – Y2K & bbno$

La La La - Y2K & bbno$

“Did I really just forget that melody?” the song asks before driving home its incredibly effective earworm into your mind.

If you want to do this right on TikTok, you have to master the “hands emoji” challenge which is no mean feat.

Give it a listen here.

WAP – Cardi B feat. Megan Thee Stallion

WAP - Cardi B

This is the song that either made the world dance or repulsed it depending on who you ask. WAP is a really good workout though if you want to dance along.

Just remember it has extremely adult lyrics, this is not for TikToks aimed at kids.

Give it a listen here.

Supalonely – Benee Feat. Gus Dapperton

Supalonely - Benee

This is one of those songs which has huge re-listenability potential. We may have just made that concept up but you know what we mean.

You may love WAP but play it three times in a row and you’ll want a change, on the other hand, we could listen to Supalonely on continuous repeat all day.

Give it a listen here.

OUT WEST – Jackboys & Travis Scott feat. Young Thug

OUT WEST - Jackboys & Travis Scott feat. Young Thug

This song has now been used in nearly 20 million TikToks which is probably a good measure of just how popular it is with TikTokkers.

It’s the “Out West Challenge” that appears to have inspired so many people to give it a go.

Give it a listen here.

Boss Bitch – Doja Cat

Boss Bitch - Doja Cat

Doja Cat was built for TikTok and while this song isn’t the most immediate on our list, by the third spin it will have you in its clutches so tight that it will never, ever let you go.

It’s that sassy chorus that has made it a fan favorite for every TikTokker that there is. The lyrics are pretty hardcore though, it’s probably not the best choice for something aimed at the kids.

Give it a listen here.

Vibe – Cookiee Kawaii

Vibe - Cookiee Kawaii

If you’re not moving your body when you’re listening to vibe, you’re doing it wrong. This is the song that made the artist into a global sensation in a single day!

Give it a listen here.

Sober Up – AJR Feat. Rivers Cuomo

Sober Up - AJR

This song is way more positive than the title implies and it’s a cheering upbeat title that you’re going to love to share.

Just remember it’s quite explicit in its tone.

Give it a listen here.

Lottery – K Camp

Lottery - K Camp

This is the song that sparked the Renegade Challenge. And it’s one of the most addictive if adult-oriented songs on TikTok.

Give it a listen here.

Roses – Saint JHN and Imanbek

Roses - Saint JHN and Imanbek

This is an incredibly happy tune that was remixed by Imanbek just for TikTok. The coordination challenge it sparked is tough but super fun.

Give it a listen here.

Pop Out – Polo G. feat Lil Tjay

Pop Out - Polo G

This song has been watched nearly 100 million times on YouTube and it’s the ideal warm up song before tackling something more challenging on your TikTok feed.

Give it a listen here.

Final Thoughts

It turns out there are more than TikTok videos for the enjoyment of TikTok users and the songs on TikTok are way better than we’d anticipated.

Next time you’re craving some new ear candy check out TikTok instead of your usual streamer. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!