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20 Best Tracks For Testing Bass, According To Musicians

Best Tracks For Testing Bass

One of the most challenging things about getting your home Hi-Fi system set up is ensuring that the bass is right.

We’re pretty picky when it comes to our bottom end!

Fortunately, we know a whole bunch of musicians and they helped us identify some of the best tracks to test out the bass on your new speakers.

Get the perfect definition for your listening preferences!

Crank up the bass!

Act Like You Know
Fat Larry’s Band

80s funk and with one of the fattest bass lines in history.

Listen closely to hear the punch and the detail as you examine this classic.

You can listen online here.

fat larrys band

Age Of Consent
New Order

When you want the ultimate in bass playing, Peter Hook might be it.

This New Order number is ideal for putting bass through its paces.

You can listen online here.

age of consent

The Rite Of Spring
Igor Stravinsky

This is a seriously powerful classical piece with plenty of power to really push the limits of bass reproduction.

You can listen online here.

rite of spring stravinsky

GoGo Penguin

It’s all about the double bass with GoGo Penguin and the epic quality of this tune really needs to be rendered perfectly.

You can listen online here.

gogo penguin

New Life Baby Paris

This is more about feeling the bass than listening to it and you’re going to need speakers that can handle a thrashing to make it work. 

You can listen online here.

mala new life baby paris

The XX

So much weight in the bass lines here, that if your system can’t handle the lowest of lows, it will sound almost invisible. 

You can listen online here.

the xx fantasy

Rage Against The Machine
Bullet In The Head

You want to be able to hear each individual slap against the bass strings with this raging classic.

You can listen online here.

rage against the machine


The deal here is simple, the bass is  loud and it needs to be heard to be enjoyed.

You can listen online here.


Dead Prez
Hip Hop

One of hip-hop’s most recognizable bass lines brings you a track bursting with low frequency greatness. 

You can listen online here.

dead prez

The Weeknd
Wasted Times

You’ll know if you’re getting the right levels of textural definition in the bass as soon as this starts to play.

You can listen online here.

the weeknd wasted times

Anton Bruckner
Symphony Number 7

Another classical piece that will give your bass drivers a thorough workout. Look for the dynamic control. 

You can listen online here.

anton bruckner

Good Times

One of the most important bass riffs of any musical genre and you want to pay attention to the clarity of the length and attenuation of individual notes. 

You can listen online here.


Uh Uh

Fast and erratic, there’s no doubt that Thundercat will give your drivers a firm going over.

You can listen online here.


The Hidden Camera

Some technical drum and bass here that offers you a chance to test the subtleties of your bass rendition.

You can listen online here.

photek hidden camera

Massive Attack

The endless variation in the bass note during this track is sure to put your subwoofer to the sword if it’s not up to the task. 

You can listen online here.

massive attack

Rhythm & Sound
Mango Drive

Some dub techno with reggae roots packs some hefty bass that must stay clean to be worth hearing.

You can listen online here.

Rhythm Sound

Van Morrison

A classic track from a classic album and the bass is subtly threaded through the rest of the instrumentation. 

You can listen online here.

van morrison

Miles Davis
So What

The complexity of the bass in this awesome number will enable you to decide, do instruments really sound right on my system? 

You can listen online here.

miles davis

Ini Kamoze
So What

A little reggae that brings a lot of bass that has been sampled over and over again, make sure it doesn’t seep into the midrange. 

You can listen online here.

Ini Kamoze

Hans Zimmer

To make this work, the sound needs to fill every corner of your room and the detail should come to the fore.

You can listen online here.

hans zimmer

If your stereo can handle all of these tracks without losing bass definition then it’s perfectly set up and you can rest easy knowing that your hi-fi investment has been worthwhile.