Bigger Than Life Or Death by EST Gee

If you’re looking to round this year off with an exciting combination of great songwriting and strong vocal delivery, then you may need EST Gee’s Bigger Than Life or Death.

He’s keeping it real from the very first note with Riata Dada and the lyrics are very much on point as the sounds carry you along, the instrumental burst here is also a nice treat. 

And if you’re not up and grooving during 5500 Degrees (which features 42 Dugg, Rylo Rodriguez and Lil Baby) we’d have to assume you’re hungover and really not feeling it. 

But you need to be feeling it because Lick Back is still to come and it’s the absolute driving force of this album and it has so much energy, you could power an RV on it. 

This is one of the most ambitious and interesting releases of the year and there’s no doubt that EST Gee is going to keep on climbing the ladder to “all-time great” if he keeps on releasing work like this. 

You can grab a copy here.

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