The Capitol Session ‘73 by Bob Marley (& The Wailers)

Yes, we’re quite aware that Bob Marley has been gone for a long time now, but this new album isn’t one of those hastily cobbled together collections of junk that’s been laying around for too long in a record company’s office, thankfully. 

What happened is this – The Wailers, Bob’s band (and more than just a backing band) had been out on tour with Sly and The Family Stone. 

Then they were dropped from the tour with no explanation or notice.

So, they decided to go and showcase their music to an audience at Capitol Records Tower, and that showcase was filmed. 

The Capitol Session ‘73 is what resulted and it’s been nearly fifty years since it was recorded for it to get cleaned up and released. 

Incredibly, the sound quality is superb and once you’ve heard Kinky Reggae and You Can’t Blame the Youth, you’ll be wondering what took so long? 

Our only complaint about this album is that it’s not as good as the DVD version where you can see the performance as well as hear it.

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