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An Honest BPM Supreme Review

BPM Supreme

BPM Supreme is one of the growing numbers of record pools available online for DJs.

It is arguably the largest record pool and it offers a wide variety of music which easy to access on most popular platforms.

But is BPM Supreme worth the monthly subscription?

Well, we asked our resident DJ to give it a spin. Here’s her honest take on the BPM Supreme feaures, functions, benefits and more.

Thoughts On The BPM Supreme Record Pool

Overall, BPM Supreme is happy to feature tracks from a wide variety of genres and this includes new music and exclusive tracks that can’t be found elsewhere.

DJs will also like the scratch tools which aren’t a standard part of most record pool programs online.

Find them online here.

UI: Easy To Find Record Pools

The UI or User Interface for BPM Supreme is excellent. It’s clean and simple to use and helps you quickly find a record pool that might suit your needs.

It has easy access to new releases, trends, a playlist section, curated sets, scratch tools, and genres + moods.

Searching And Filtering For Songs

The basic search results aren’t always as helpful as they could be on BPM Supreme and to acknowledge that there’s a search and filter section – however, you have to visit their new release section to get access to it, it’s not an add-on to standard search.

Once you find it, you can browse the record pool by category, genre, mood, song version, BPM, key, and relevance. Which makes navigating the music collection much easier.

Musical Genres (From Afrobeat to Hip Hop to Tech-House)

What makes BPM Supreme the best backup music library even if it’s not your first choice for music is that it has thousands of tracks that are open for download. It’s a selection that most record labels would envy.

They have plenty of genres to choose from including Afrobeat, Country, Disco, Hip-Hop and many more.

File Types And Quality

The BPM Supreme service offers unlimited downloads but only as high-quality MP3s.

There’s no open format music, it’s all 320kbps MP3. This makes for HQ audio playback but we really would like more options. Tracks downloaded in FLAC or WAV as well could be much more user-friendly.

The BPM Preview Player

The BPM Preview player loads instantly and it’s got all the functions that we’d hope for. And while as a standard you can stream the music, you can also switch the player to download tracks instead to deal with a dodgy net connection or poor connection speeds.

Download speed is reasonable though we’re glad not to be streaming music videos from this player.

Curated Sets & BPM Playlists

If you can’t think of an entire tracklisting that you want to put together, you can hand this over to BPM Supreme to do it for you.

Tell the DJ pool what you want (e.g. Pride, Top 40, Labor Day, etc.) and it will compile a playlist for you. (We also have a few ideas for playlist – like these great 80s tunes, for example).

Over 100 Scratch Tools

Most DJ software is a bit lacking when it comes to scratch tools but BPM Supreme has got you covered.

They have over 100 tools and it really does make the service feel like great value.

Overall Performance

BPM Supreme offers alternate versions of many songs and the site is easy to navigate and downloading is swift and it won’t take long from setting up an account to you playing song after song.

You do need a compatible web browser but we had it running on the same budget laptop that we run our favorite DAW on and it worked just fine.

There’s no need for expensive equipment to get the most out of this service.

The Mobile Application

The mobile app is fine and mobile DJs may find it very useful rather than carrying a laptop about.

One thing we really like about it is the ability to sync your work when you get back to your home/office.

Value For Money

The standard subscription model is $19.99 a month and you get nearly everything for that – including the app access, preview player, waveform player, day/night modes, all your downloads, and the ability to select different versions.

If you opt to pay an extra $10 a month, the premium subscription also gives Cloud Rescue, HQ Audio Streaming and access to all playlists and curated sets.

That’s very good value for money in our book.

Customer Support

The support service is decent, not spectacular, there’s a very thorough FAQ and BPM Supreme’s taken some real-time to make this as comprehensive as possible.

However, BPM Supreme’s human support while very helpful is on a 24-hour turnaround and that’s no good if you’re expecting to use their extensive library in your live performance in an hour’s time. Working DJs should bear this in mind and have a backup service.

Final Thoughts On BPM Supreme

Overall, we like BPM Supreme very much. A standard subscription ought to be mandatory for most music DJs and access to many tracks including new tracks can be invaluable for ideas (and save you a fortune on trying to get all the latest releases).

Our first impressions of their UI were favorable and we didn’t find any aspect of the service that seemed missing or substandard. And while we did have a minor bone of contention over support – for the price? You can’t really complain very much either.

If you’re thinking about investing in BPM Supreme? We’d recommend that you do.