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Cahoots by The Band


When it burst onto the scene 50 years ago, Cahoots was not exactly welcomed with open arms by critics or fans alike. 

In fact, many felt it was a weak album that was barely worth listening to at all when compared to the three records that had come before it.

Now, it’s fair to say that The Band (the band) was going through some personal problems at the time and that they’d hated working together in the Bearsville Studio to make this record. 

But it’s not fair to write the album off. No, it’s not as solid as their previous releases but it’s very much a decent record for a group in time of flux and Dylan’s legendary songwriting is definitely present. 

Life is a Carnival remains the standout track (and the only one they play live) but The River Hymn and Where Do We Go From Here are excellent numbers too. 

And the repackaging of this reissue includes remastering and it sounds distinctly clearer, sharper and more defined than the original ever did. 

We also enjoyed the bonus material in this multiple disc set.

Most of all though, this release persuaded us that Cahoots is, in fact, a pretty decent record and worthy of anyone’s time and attention. 

You can grab a copy here.

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