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Chronicles, Volume One by Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is the only lyricist in history to have won the Nobel Prize for literature, so as you might expect, his autobiography is impeccably well-written.

A life as rich as his, however, is going to take more than one book to cover it, so this is the first volume of a planned larger series.

chronicles bob dylan

Why We Love Chronicles, Volume One

This is the story of Bob’s life as he enters the most exciting phase of his life, the 1960s and the possibilities and temptations that it offers.

It establishes the makings of the man who would go on to dominate the music scene and the cultural zeitgeist for decades to come.

His prose is delightful too, easy to read, totally relatable and tapping into your imagination to put you in the room when you need to be.

Final Thoughts

A story as powerful as Bob Dylan’s could only be told in his own words and Chronicles, Volume One is the tantalizing beginning to that story.

All we can say is, we can’t wait to read the other volumes, except, of course, for the last one.

You can grab a copy online here.

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