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Collected by Gene Clark


There are only 3,000 numbered copies of Collected to be found on vinyl in the 3LP set, though there appear to be an unlimited number of dual disc and CD versions. 

This is a shame because it’s the 3LP set that offers the best value for money and offers the best representation of Gene Clark’s career. 

He was, of course, the legendary American singer and songwriter that brought The Byrds to international glory and his contributions to many other artists were not exactly “small time” either. 

He passed away back in 1991 but Collected is a strong statement from his record label that he should not be forgotten.

With songs such as She’s the Kind of Girl, Lyin’ Down The Middle and So You Say You Lost Your Baby, this is the kind of record that everyone should have in their own collection. 

Gene Clark’s career was truly impressive and we have no doubt, at all, that anyone listening to this is going to be glad that they did. 

You can grab a copy here.

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