Dartland by Worst Party Ever

Dartland is the album of the place. If that doesn’t sound like it makes sense, the place is Dartland, which is where Worst Party Ever spent last year hanging out. 

It’s a house in Seattle and it’s where the band moved to after abandoning Sarasota, Florida which is a bit of a dramatic change. 

The music has changed dramatically too and while there’s still the occasional hint of their emo roots, Worst Party Ever has matured into a rock act with a dose of terminal depression now. 

This is a good thing, it gives the songs a more timeless feel than they might have had a year or so ago.

The opener Prism on a Window is a solid example of what you can expect from the rest of the record and we loved the outro on Provenance which gave you a little glimpse of where the band has come from too. 

The songs themselves are short and punchy and full of power and by the time the closer, Into the PUR, comes along, you’ll be ready to listen to it again, at least, we were. 

You can grab a copy here.

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