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Death Metal and Music Criticism

We confess we love a bit of death metal here in the office, but we get why some people don’t like this genre.

Michelle Phillipov appears to have started in the “hate it” camp but in Death Metal and Music Criticism they make a real effort to understand those in the “love it” camp.

Why We Love Death Metal and Music Criticism 

The most important thing about this book is that it breaks down the idea that somehow life and art are the same thing.

Death Metal and Music Criticism

Phillipov reaches the conclusion that death metal is the music industry’s equivalent of horror movies and, of course, fans enjoy the violence and aggression it portrays without succumbing to that.

By comparing and contrasting death metal to other art forms, they deepen this understanding and show you that listening to Cannibal Corpse really doesn’t make someone into a serial killer. 

We know that death metal is not the most accessible of scenes and that it can seem frightening at first glance but it’s actually a lot of fun and completely harmless.

Michelle Phillipov’s done an excellent job of breaking this down for the reader and shone a much needed light on this energetic non-mainstream music scene.

We’ve also touched on death metal in our essential music books list and you’ll want to check it out. 

You can grab a copy online here.