I’m A Rainbow by Donna Summer

Recovered & Recoloured

I’m A Rainbow could have been a smash hit when it was originally recorded by Donna Summer back in 1981 but some bizarre label issues didn’t see it hit the shelves until 1996.

And it wasn’t a smash hit. Not at all. That’s because it sounded like a product of its time and it wasn’t its time anymore. 

Now, it’s been slimmed down (the fat has been trimmed) and it’s been reproduced and remixed and it no longer sounds like a demo recording and it sounds like Donna Summer at her very best.

The big standout tracks are Back Where You Belong with a meaty guitar riff to enjoy and the song Brooklyn which is an ode to Donna’s daughter (yes, she beat David and Victoria Beckham to the name by a long chalk). 

In fact, the only thing here that doesn’t impress is her cover of Don’t Cry For Me Argentina and it’s the production, not Ms. Summer’s voice, that lets it down.

There’s no doubt that this remastered reissue is the definitive version of I’m A Rainbow and it absolutely deserves a listen from hardcore fans and new listeners alike.

You can grab a copy here.

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