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Drone Etiquette by The Persian Leaps

The Persian Leaps are back and if you haven’t come across them before, then Drone Etiquette is the perfect place to become acquainted with them. 

This is a wonderful release which combined Indie Rock and Power Pop in the ideal quantities to deliver smooth harmonies and almost sugary riffs.

The title Drone Etiquette refers to the uses of actual drones but it’s also meant to evoke the feeling of the mindlessness of modern work and society.

You can see that in the cover, which has a very Soviet-era style to it, every identical person marching enthusiastically to nowhere.

While it was recorded during the pandemic, there’s nothing here to confront the pandemic itself, instead, it’s all about the impact of lockdowns and what Drew Forsberg endured.

Previously, he’s recorded with a full band but due to the Covid restrictions, he booked himself into a studio and played every part on this release himself.

From the moment it opens with its anti-Trump anthem “When This Gets Out”, you know you’re in for an audio treat and it never lets you down.

You can grab a copy online here.

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