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Electronic Music Foundation

It’s funny but electronic music is so much part of our lives now that we barely give it a passing thought but 50 years ago (or so) it was in its infancy. 

It’s come so far, so fast that it doesn’t fit into any of the more traditional musical histories offered in schools and colleges, that is until the Electronic Music Foundation came along. 

About Electronic Music Foundation

Founded in 1994, the Electronic Music Foundation is a non-profit organization that has a simple objective to share the history of electronic music and support the current practice of the art form. 

This is done with a specific focus on the years between 1950 and 2000, the golden age of electronic music.

Why We Love Electronic Music Foundation

The foundation is extremely active in creating documentation of the development of electronic music (not just words, mind you, but sounds, images, video, stories and more). 

performances of electronic music

They also spend a lot of time supporting and encouraging live performances of electronic music which was composed during the period of their focus.

Though they are based in New York, their reach is truly global and they are constantly seeking partners to spread the love and the knowledge of electronic music even farther.

If electronic music is your favorite type of music then this is for you!

If you’re curious about the work of the Electronic Music Foundation and what you might learn or how you could contribute, why not contact them today? 

From our perspective, we think that they’re doing the world a huge favor ensuring that the most creative period of music in history is immortalized for future generations and also continues to be enjoyed today. 

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