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Emotional by Falco


Falco is best known to many audiences as the band that gave the movie Amadeus a soundtrack and not much more, which is a genuine shame.

Emotional is his fourth album and it’s just been re-released with a ton of bonus material which means that it now encompasses an incredible three CDs and one DVD. 

The English speaking market didn’t seem to warm to it but the singles The Sound of Musik and Coming Home (Jeanny Part II, One Year Later) were huge hits in European markets.

As you might expect, it’s an over the top and dramatic album that provides a lot of fun to the listener.

There are moments that will make you go, “huh?” Such as the title track, Emotional, which is just bizarre and the film-noir inspired Crime Time.

But most of the time? This is one of those pop records that deserves a much wider audience than it got when it was released. 

It’s the sound of a man who knew that he’d reached his commercial peak on his last album and who doesn’t care, he just wants to make the music in his heart. And we can respect that.

You can grab a copy here.

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