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Encouraging Words by Billy Preston


Billy Preston was a big enough deal in the 1970s that George Harrison let him release his versions of All Things Must Pass and My Sweet Lord, two months before George released his own versions!

And the album that saw these covers was Encouraging Words which has just seen its 50th anniversary and thus, it was re-released recently. 

It has, thankfully, been expanded for the reissue, so owners of the original have an incentive to lay out some cash and those who are new to Billy’s music are getting a bargain.

What you get is an amazing collection of songs that combine soul, gospel, rock and blues to deliver what Record Collector once described as “one of the finest titles in Apple Records’ catalog.

There’s not a bad track on the record but our personal favorite is the cover of The Beatles’ I’ve Got A Feeling, which at the time the album originally released had only been out for four months on the Let It Be album. 

Billy’s relationship with the Fab Four came from playing with them both live and in the studio (he appeared on Abbey Road) and he was credited on Get Back and the single was labelled as “The Beatles with Billy Preston!” 

So, yeah, if Lennon and McCartney saw the brilliance of this gifted singer, you will too.

This is a record that everyone should own. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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