Engine Of Hell by Emma Ruth Rundle

It’s noticeably less metal than Emma Ruth Rundle’s more recent releases and instead, Engine of Hell, is an almost prog-like experience with a real touch of Nick Drake to be found in the lyricism.

We’re impressed by the variety of the songs here which are almost like short stories of gothic oddness. 

In fact, “Down at the methadone clinic we waited//Hoping to take home your cure,” on Blooms of Oblivion sounds almost like it should be sung by Andrew Eldridge on an early Sisters release. 

And more than that, we also get to see something of Emma’s soul in these dark compositions and her vocal range really highlights the emotions of each track. 

Don’t expect too much in the way of instrumentation though, this is an exercise in simplicity and she works with just a pair of instruments throughout. 

The sound is still incredibly full and there are moments where you can’t believe this isn’t a whole band rather than a truly solo project. 

If you want to feel something beyond a beat, then Engine of Hell is essential listening. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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