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Environmental Sound Artists: In Their Own Words

Environmental Sound Artists

The concept of environmentalism, often perceived as a modern phenomenon, has roots that extend much further back than commonly thought. The unique blend of sound, art, and environment began to flourish notably in the 1960s, marking a significant period in the history of environmental consciousness.

Environmental Sound Artists: In Their Own Words is an extensive exploration of this intriguing domain of music.

It goes deep into the works of artists who have dedicated themselves to this fusion of art and ecology, offering a rich and detailed insight into their world.

Why We Love Environmental Sound Artists

This book isn’t the brainchild of a single individual but rather a collective endeavor, amalgamating the perspectives and experiences of various artists active in this field. This collaborative approach allows readers to gain a comprehensive understanding of the art form. It showcases how these artists confront and weave through various societal issues – political, aesthetic, economic, social, and scientific – while maintaining an underlying current of optimism and engagement.

The book unveils a community of artists whose work transcends geographical and cultural boundaries, a community that continues to grow and make a significant impact in today’s often tumultuous political climate.

Admittedly, before encountering this book, the world of environmental sound was an unexplored territory for us. Our journey through its pages was enlightening, revealing the harmonious relationship between music, sound, and the environment. This book is not just about music; it’s a revelation of how sound can play a pivotal role in bridging the gap between art and environmentalism.

For those interested, the book is readily available online. It serves as a gateway to understanding the profound connection between sound and our natural world.

Grab a copy online here.

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