Fighting Demons by Juice WRLD

It’s been two years since Juice WRLD was torn from this world at the tender age of 21 from a drug’s overdose. 

So, this fourth studio release is also a posthumous one, but can it be that Fighting Demons still adds something to this rapper’s story or is it a cynical label-driven cash in?

Surprisingly, this has been put together with genuine love and care and the result is impressive. 

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it contains a ton of big name appearances (Bieber, BTS and more) on tracks like Wandered to LA,which is a solid number in its own right.

But it’s Juice WRLD’s own talent on numbers such as From My Window and Rockstar in HIs Prime that really shines through. 

We do miss the upbeat instrumentals that used to litter his other recordings but all told? 

Fighting Demons is an impressive record that really seeks to enhance the rapper’s reputation rather than seeking to ride on it. 

You can grab a copy here.

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