First Agnostic Church Of Hope And Wonder by Todd Snider

It takes a truly confident artist to tear up their road map and start afresh when they’re 18 albums into their career but that’s what makes Todd Snider’s First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder so interesting, at least, in part. 

This is an anti-establishment piece that rages at everything from the government to organized religion and it takes no prisoners along the way. 

He begins with the funk jam that is Turn Me Loose (I’ll Never Be The Same) to allow the listener to feel the pace of this blistering and exciting album. It feels good and it sets the musical scene though he’s not afraid to break away from that musical convention on tracks like Never Let a Day Go By or The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, either.

If you want a listen that looks death in the face and shows you how to laugh at it, then you’ve found it. This is a good time even when the message is serious and sometimes, it’s not, it’s just fun. 

Whether you love Todd or you’ve never heard of him, there’s plenty of joy for everyone to be found at the First Agnostic Church of Hope and Wonder.

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