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5106 Whitman Way, Carlsbad, CA 92008

Found Sound Nation Building Musical Bridges

The music industry relies on creative agencies to bring people together but the majority of those agencies tend to fall into the same old, stale business practices.

Found Sound Nation is different.

They’re all about connecting people across cultural divides and using music to unleash beauty and heal trauma and tap the hidden potential in our communities.

About Found Sound Nation

Found Sound Nation works together with youth and social organizations as well as artists and music festivals to create and record music. 

Found Sound Nation

They use mobile recording techniques to ensure that they can create professional sounds anywhere and they adapt to local environments on the fly to make the best use of them to enhance the music.

Why We Love Found Sound Nation

Found Sound Nation creates collaborative partnerships around the world to deepen and broaden all of our musical horizons. 


They also help communities address the issues that they face while they turn the world into a more harmonious (and funky) place. 

Found Sound Nation is amazing and if you’re a musician we’d strongly suggest that you get in touch with them and see how you can benefit from collaborating with them. 

If you just want to hear their music projects, check out their Vimeo feed.

There’s something there for everyone, we think, and if you like it, why not share it with your friends on social media?

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