Girl In A Band By Kim Gordon

Sonic Youth was the band that paved the road that would be followed by the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana and the grunge scene.

Girl in A Band by Kim Gordon is a tale from the heart of Sonic Youth and it’s become one of the music world’s most respected works.

Why We Love Girl In A Band

People said Kim was too aloof, so she sat down and wrote the kind of autobiography that opens every wound and detail of a life well-lived.

Girl In A Band

She shows us how a musical and personal partnership can change the world and how it feels to watch that partnership collapse before your eyes too. 

Her cradle-to-now approach means you don’t miss a moment of Kim’s journey to the top and then down again. 

Final Thoughts On Girl In A Band

This memoir is one of the most insightful, raw, articulate and frankly, inspirational works we’ve ever read and even if you’re not a Sonic Youth fan, you’re guaranteed to get something out of reading it. 

Though Girl In A Band is, indubitably, one of music’s finest books it didn’t make our top 20 music books list, why not find out why, now? 

You can grab a copy online here.

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