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Girl In A Band By Kim Gordon

Sonic Youth was the band that paved the road that would be followed by the Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, and the whole Seattle grunge scene.

Girl in A Band by Kim Gordon is a tale from the heart of Sonic Youth and it’s become one of the music world’s most respected works.

Why We Love Girl In A Band

People said Kim was too aloof, so she sat down and wrote the kind of autobiography that opens every wound and detail of a life well-lived.

Girl In A Band

She shows us how a musical and personal partnership can change the world and how it feels to watch that partnership collapse before your eyes too. 

Her cradle-to-now approach means you don’t miss a moment of Kim’s journey to the top and then down again. 

Kim Gordon is best known as the bassist, vocalist, and visual artist for the post-punk band Sonic Youth.

As one of the most influential bands of the 1980s underground music scene, Sonic Youth helped to shape the sound of alt-rock and grunge. Gordon was a central figure in the band, writing many of their songs and creating their iconic album covers.

In addition to her work with Sonic Youth, Gordon is also an accomplished solo artist and visual artist. She has exhibited her work in galleries around the world and released several solo albums.

Throughout her career, Gordon has remained an outspoken advocate for DIY culture and independent music. She is respected for her innovative musicianship and her dedication to artistry outside the mainstream.

Final Notes

This memoir is one of the most insightful, raw, articulate and frankly, inspirational works we’ve ever read and even if you’re not a Sonic Youth fan, you’re guaranteed to get something out of reading it. 

I’ve always admired Kim Gordon. She is cool, smart, and dignified. Girl in a Band is a fascinating and honest memoir full of raw emotion and insight.

Sofia Coppola

You can grab a copy online here.

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