Hello (Again) To Goodbye Jumbo by World Party


If there was a bad year for World Party to release one of the finest rock-pop albums of all time, it was 1990. 

Goodbye Jumbo came out to find itself fighting for airplay with Nirvana, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, REM, Jane’s Addiction, the LA’s and even Janet Jackson and despite winning a Q award for the best album, it lost that fight pretty badly.

So, Goodbye Jumbo pretty much passed everyone by, even your reviewer (who was stuck in a thrash and death metal loop at the time), and that’s a genuine shame.

You can hear all the same influences appear on Oasis’s albums a few years later but they weren’t as well cared for or presented. 

Kurt Wallinger, formerly of The Waterboys, brought a Beatles and Stones driven influence to everything here and his own talent for lyrics seals the deal.

Put The Message In The Box may have foreseen their own problems with “C’mon it’s not too late to make a hit” and despite that the Curtis Mayfield influenced Ain’t Gonna Come Til I’m Ready is near perfect. 

This is an album that had everything it needed, except attention, it deserves yours now. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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