Japanese Left-field Pop From The CD Age by Hesei No Oto


If you like some unusual Japanese tunes from the early 90s and late 80s to float your boat then look no further than this rather nostalgic reissue from Music From Memory. 

Japanese Left-field Pop From The CD Age is all about electronica and you just can’t go wrong with these 14 songs that were compiled by Norio Sato of Rare Groove and Eiji Taniguichi of Revelation Time. 

As with all good Japanese albums, there’s a lot here to unpack and you’ll find everything from the crowd-pleasing ballad to rather more energetic stuff that will make you want to dance and dance

This is like being dosed with the finest quality acid while zen monks chant your name and keep you totally comfortable and grounded.

Sometimes, you need to step outside of your comfort zone and discover a new one with this classic from Hesei No Oto.

We can’t help but wonder if there’s ever going to be a follow up to this reissue? We can but hope, I guess. 

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