Hey What by Low

Low is one of those bands that have been around absolutely forever, but who’ve managed to pass many by, mainly because they’re so standout and hard to categorize, they don’t fit any given genre.

After all, how many people would describe their favorite band as “practicing mormons that live to play very slow music”? Yet, after hearing Hey What, we think that’s going to be the way it is moving forward. 

This is a beautifully melodic album and the harmonies created by Alan and Mimi’s vocals are much fresher and in your face than on previous releases and this, in turn, creates a better environment to appreciate the music. 

The raw guitar of White Horses as an opener grabs your attention as it gives way to percussive beats that could have been created in any number of ways. 

Not long after this, you try to stop figuring out what instrument makes what sound and drop into the increasingly powerful total soundscape instead, by the time you reach Disappearing, you’ll be fully wrapped in its embrace. 

Hey What is a clever rock album full of backward glances at the history of the scene while never fearing to tread its own path.

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