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How Long Do Headphones Last?

So, you’re about to lay down some of your hard earned cash for some headphones, but you’re wondering, how long will your investment last?

How Long Do Headphones Last?

Well, you’re not alone and the answer might surprise you. In short, when it comes to headphones, you tend to get what you pay for. 

Cheap headphones can disintegrate in months or even weeks. 

A top quality pair, however, can last up to 10 years!

So, while your $10 cheapies from Amazon might look like a bargain, you could end up paying far more in the long-term if you had bought a $500 pair straight off the bat.

And to be fair, when you spend more money on headphones, they sound better too. 

Certainly, we’d never buy a pair of headphones that didn’t come with at least a one-year warranty because we’re not in favor of filling landfills with badly made gear that doesn’t last.

Why Do Headphones Stop Working?

Headphones Stop Working

Of course, it’s important to note that if you want your headphones to last – you should take good care of them.

Clean them regularly, store them carefully (ideally, in the case they come with) and don’t drop them or pull the cord to remove them from a device (always pull them out by the audio jack).

The most common problem that we have with headphones is that the audio jack is bent and it shorts out one of the wires leading to a single earphone. 

If you stuff them in your pockets, however, you’ll find that they get clogged up with dust and lint.

And if you wear them in the rain or go jogging in them, then in most headphones, it’s possible to damage the drivers with the moisture. 

And never, ever tie your headphones into a knot when not using them, this is a recipe for destroying the cables. 

Can You Repair Headphones?

Repair Headphones

It’s all too common for people to throw away headphones when they start becoming problematic and if you have to throw out your headphones, we’ve got a great article on how to recycle headphones, instead. 

But if you’ve invested a decent amount of money into your headphones then you ought to, at least, consider trying to repair them before you replace them. 

You can replace the ear cups, you can repair or replace broken wires or bent audio jacks and you can do this cheaply and easily.

In fact, if you take a quick search on YouTube, you’ll discover there are dozens of tutorials that can help you revive your headphones without chucking them out. 

Final Notes

If you care for your headphones properly and invest a decent amount of money in them, they could last for a decade or more. 

And if they break, you ought to consider repairing them before you throw them out.