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How Music Got Free Is Thrilling Read

The Internet has completely revolutionized our lives and it’s also changed the way that we consume music forever.

How Music Got Free explores the way that digital music piracy has transformed the way that we listen to music and its impact on the industry and performers.

How Music Got Free

Why We Love How Music Got Free

We all love a true crime story and Stephen Witt has actively documented one of the biggest criminal operations in history which led to an illegal market in music that was four times bigger than the iTunes Music Store!

He shows how the invention of the MP3, the actions of certain people in the music industry and the internet combined to put music into the hands of millions at the expense of the traditional labels and the artists they served.

And most of all he demonstrates how this secret underworld functioned and operated to revolutionize the art form of music.

How Music Got Free is a thrilling read which will leave you amazed at both the ingenuity of Internet pirates and the damage that they did to the traditional industry.

You can grab a copy online here.

Of course, you don’t need to be a pirate, now, to get free music, you just need these free and legal music apps.

If you’re looking for another great read, you might want to check out Musicophilia or The Rest is Noise, we enjoyed them almost as much as we did How Music Got Free.