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How To Start A Band Email Newsletter, According To Experts

How To Start A Band Email Newsletter

Starting a newsletter for your band is an essential and invaluable way to keep your fans informed about your music and events, and to encourage their support.

There are several strategies we recommend to make your newsletters engaging and effective.

One strategy is to include personal anecdotes and behind-the-scenes content in your newsletters. This helps to create a sense of connection with your audience and makes your newsletters more interesting and memorable. For example, you could share stories about the creative process behind your music, or give your fans a sneak peek of what goes on during rehearsals or recording sessions.

Many bands use their newsletters to offer exclusive content, such as early access to new music, special discounts on merchandise, or tickets to upcoming shows. This can help to create a sense of exclusivity and make your newsletters more appealing to your fans.

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You can also use your newsletters to share interesting trivia or facts about your music, or to highlight the causes and charities that are important to your band. This can help to deepen your connection with your fans and give them a greater understanding of who you are and what you stand for.

By using these strategies and finding the right mix that works for your band and your own music, you can create engaging and effective newsletters that help to build and maintain a dedicated fan base.

Why An Email List Is Better Than Social Media

Here are some key reasons that you must have an email list:

  • It’s easier to break through the noise
    People scroll past their Facebook, Insta, TikTok, etc. posts but most people stop to read emails from sources that they trust. 
  • It keeps social media promotion spending down
    If you can reach all your fans, whenever you want, then you don’t need to pay to “boost” a social media post very often. 
  • You have total control
    You choose the medium and the message. It can be an audio clip, a video, a long letter, a marketing flyer, on email that’s your call, always. 
  • Fewer rules to deal with
    While email companies do have a few rules limiting what you can send, they tend to be much less strict than social media companies and unlike social media companies they have support functions you can talk to if things go wrong.
  • You keep your list, no matter what
    If you spent a fortune on MySpace promotion in the early 1990s, you lost the whole of your investment when the platform died. With email, even if a service provider closes, you can move your list to a new one instantly. 
  • You can target specific listeners really easily
    The more data you have about your fans, the easier it is to send very specific emails to each group and increase your sales conversions and overall engagement.

How To Start An Email List?

You need two things – an ESP (email service provider) and a form to collect subscriber emails on your site.

There are several different email service providers that offer a small, free service that can get you started. 

Mailerlite, for example, will let you run a list of 1,000 subscribers before you have to pay and MailChimp goes to 2,000 free subscribers before you pay. 

You use an email service provider to avoid the problems of trying to send large amounts of email via a regular email provider.

You will quickly be banned by Gmail, Outlook, etc. if you try to manage sending bulk email volumes by yourself, because they will treat you as spammers. 

An email service provider, on the other hand, specializes in sending bulk email and they can help you stay on the good side of companies like Google so that your mails actually land in the fans’ inboxes. 

In addition, an email service provider will supply reporting on the open rates, send volumes, etc. that help you to better maintain your list and to better target offers to when they will be best received and to whom they will be best received by. 

Then all you need is to collect some email addresses and that’s done by adding a plugin such as OptinMonster or ThriveLeads to your website to encourage users to type in their email addresses to join your list. 

There is no better marketing tool on the internet than email. It is the one thing you have almost total control over and research says that email leads to better conversions and engagement than social media by an order of magnitude!