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How to Write One Song by Jeff Tweedy

Writing a song has always seemed pretty hard to us. It’s a truly creative endeavour and not one to be undertaken lightly but Jeff Tweedy disagrees. 

And he’s convinced us.

how to write one song by jeff tweedy

Why We Love How To Write One Song

This is a thoroughly practical guide to writing a single song but as Jeff points out, that’s not the end of the process, because once you can write “a” song, you can write “many” songs. 

Jeff took our fears and turned them into excitement and by the end of the book, we may not have written our “Paint it Black” but we did have a serviceable ditty that we’d be proud to play to close family, at least. 

Final Thoughts

Everyone has a poem in them, a novel in them and a song in them and while the first two might be hard to write, with Jeff Tweedy’s help, writing a song is not.

This is an essential read if you want to unleash your inner creative force and it’s an interesting read, even if you don’t.

You can grab a copy online here.

If you’re looking for other great musical reads we’ve got a great list of our favorite music books and we can recommend This Is Your Brain on Music and Silence as top reads too. 

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