In The Meantime by Alessia Cara

When you win a Grammy for “Best New Artist” and you’re only 21 then you’re always going to be facing an uphill battle to make a new record that matches the hype. 

But Alessia Cara, had a bigger task ahead of her as many critics were angered by her win and insisted she’d been performing for too long to be a “new artist”.

That kind of thing might have been enough to put off any other performer but instead, Alessia opted to write In The Meantime and we think that even her harshest critics will be glad that she did. 

“I might be too weak to fall in love / I might be too much for everyone,” she tells us on “Box in the Ocean” and it’s a wonderful way to tell us that this is personal.

In the past, she’s avoided examining her own pain but this time around, she’s confronting it head on. It’s not all darkness and hardship, mind you, there are plenty of lighter moments to lift you when you start to feel as trapped as she seems to have done at points in her life. 

Towards the end of this album she asks, “What if my best days are the days behind me?” Well, on the strength of this showing? We very much doubt that they are. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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