Is It Good To Sleep With Music On?

We’ve all done it, left the radio on or the CD player going while we’ve gone to bed but is this a good idea? 

We asked some sleep scientists, “is it good to sleep with music on?” and this is what they told us. 

Can Music Help Me Sleep?

Is It Good To Sleep With Music On?

Yes and this should be fairly obvious if you’ve ever sung a lullaby to a small child to get them to sleep.

In fact, research suggests that putting an album on at night, on your Audioengine Speakers, might be very useful to your sleep, indeed. 

They showed that insomniacs who did this over the course of 10 nights reduced the time it took to fall asleep from 27-69 minutes to just 6-13 minutes! 

Effects Of Listening To Music While Sleeping?


There are, in fact, many scientifically demonstrated beneficial effects of listening to music while you sleep and they include:

  • It boosts your mood
  • It improves your ability to solve problems while waking
  • It improves you short and long-term memory
  • It makes you feel more relaxed
  • Not only do you fall asleep faster, but your sleep quantity and quality is improved too

However, please listen to music with speakers not using headphones – there are potential health risks of sleeping in headphones including necroticism of ear tissue, increased wax build up and even strangulation in the cords. 

Final Thoughts On Sleeping To Music

Everyone should consider listening to music as they try to sleep, it’s proven to help you sleep better and faster and there are many other added benefits to sleeping to music too!

You might also find that reading to music can help relax you and may we recommend that you curl up in bed with one of our favorite music books

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