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It’s All Smiles by No Rome

It’s All Smiles is the debut album of No Rome on the Dirty Hit label and we’ve all been waiting for it with bated breath. 

Rome Gomez has worked with The 1975’s George Daniel to create a beautifully textured and layered listening experience that he calls “shoegaze R&B”.

And unlike the last The 1975 album, this is a short, punchy affair that never even hints at outstaying its welcome. 

It kicks off with Space Cowboy which is cheerful and full of bright indie guitar that just works. 

But Indie Guitar is not the only trick in the toolbox and I Want U is one of the smoothest coolest tracks of the year. 

Apparently, it took Rome Gomez being cooped up in Manila during the pandemic, an experience that the author understands only too well having spent much of the first year in Makati, to get him to sit down and write this album.

Well, it was worth it, at least for No Rome. This is a solid album that encourages you to feel what you’re feeling and share it with others rather than bottle it up inside. Don’t miss it.

You can grab a copy here.

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