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Keys by Alicia Keys

Twenty-six songs on a double album? Is it a sweet treat of the best of Alicia Keys or is that too much and does it venture into cloying territory? 

Neither, as it turns out. There’s no doubt that Ms. Keys is a formidable talent and she puts her skills to good use here. 

But, while the “Originals” side of this album isn’t bad at all, with plenty of classic soul (rather than jazz) influences scattered throughout (and the track “Best of Me” is a belter). 

The “Unlocked” side, which is a collection of remixes, doesn’t set the same bar and, in fact, we’d be hard pushed to remember much about it at all and we’ve only just heard it play here in the office. 

And that’s the problem with Keys, it would have been an excellent single album, full of strong songs and an interesting new direction for the singer.

But at 90 minutes of running time? There’s not enough variety to justify your attention. It’s the kind of album everyone likes, but in a year’s time? Nobody will remember it, either. 

You can grab a copy here.

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