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Kid A Mnesia by Radiohead


This isn’t a new album from Radiohead, it’s a reissue of two albums for the price of one. Kid A Mnesia contains Kid A and Amnesiac

And yes, they were amazing records when they came out and they’re no less amazing now. 

It’s also a collection of bonuses as there is a third disc in the box, Kid Amnesiae.

This contains a bunch of alternatively recorded versions of album tracks, some session recordings and a pair of songs that weren’t released but were recorded around the same time period. 

Because the two albums were originally released only 8 months apart, this whole collection makes complete sense and listening to it today, it sounds like a double album. 

They were recorded as a visceral reaction to the megastardom which the band found themselves trapped in as a result of OK Computer and they want to reimagine themselves. 

We won’t say they were entirely successful with that. These albums were, deservedly, smash hits and the new material just adds to their brilliance. 

But as the band has come to terms with that, so have we, and we can completely recommend this reissue to old fans and those curious about one of the world’s greatest rock acts. 

You can grab a copy online here.

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