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All Hail King Hannah Of Liverpool!

ALBUM:  I’m Not Sorry, I Was Just Being Me
ARTIST: King Hannah
LABEL:  City Slang
GENRE: Indie/Alt

Every once in a while something comes along like this writing duo that is just a super cool elixir. Just plain restorative, somehow.

King Hannah is the brainchild of Liverpool duo Craig Whittle and Hannah Merrick. The two of them give us a post-grunge, dark Americana(ish) debut LP.

Guitarist Craig Whittle first saw his future bandmate singing at a college band showcase.

“I remember Hannah playing a song solo, just guitar and vocals, and I was blown away,” he told When the Horn Blows.

It wasn’t until several years later, when they were co-workers in a bar and she was instructing him in how to lay out cutlery, that he was finally able to persuade her to write songs with him.

king hannah

It is these types of debuts that I hunt and browse each New Music Friday, hitting play and letting my ears tingle, searching for that ‘thing’ carved from authenticity.

I think this open ear practice tunes the radar and from the first needle drop this LP had me enthralled. I wanted to hear what was next, all the way to the end. 

It’s riffy, a bit grungy, broody and moody enough to draw me into the snare of narratives.

Each spin deepens the allure, in made-sharp emotion waves mixed with fuzzy hipster vibes.  I swayed slowly in the dark corners of my mind wherever the music took me. I cannot shake the recognition that this music has tickled a memory of Jim Morrison. Call me weird.

If you like grunge, post-grunge, Portishead, or any other broody and riffy slow rock and roll stuff, this is stellar. Give it a spin. Repeat!

Yet another awesome City Slang artist. You guys are the kings of choosing authentic artists. Well done.

Photo Credit: EBRU YILDIZ

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