Kirtan: Turiya Singsby Alice Coltrane


Have you ever felt that you were cheated out of the 60s and the chance to experience the spiritual revival of the period and maybe attend an ashram and find your inner self?

Well, the next nearest thing to that might be to break out a copy of Kirtan: Turiya Sings by Alice Coltrane and then kick back with it and her amazing voice. 

Originally, Alice worked as a spiritual leader at the Vedantic Center in Southern California (though in the early 80s not the 60s) and this album was only sold there and on cassette!

Now, we get the chance to hear it re-produced by her children Ravi and Michelle and you get to enjoy these incredible nine devotional hymns in more than their original glory. 

This is praise music like you’ve never heard it before and each hymn is offered in the original Sanskrit and we defy you not to be touched by it. 

When you need reassurance that there’s something “more” to life, this is the album to reach for and you’ll be certain that you are not alone. The spirit of the ashram lives on.

Why not let it in?

You can grab a copy online here.

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