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Lizzy McAlpine Is Artist-Owned Phenom

Album: Five Seconds Flat
Artist: Lizzy McAlpine
Genre: Indie Pop / Artist-Owned

All my ghosts is a new trickle release single from Lizzy McAlpine. Check out the video here: Lizzy McAlpine – all my ghosts (official video)

I’m a bit bullish on her writing and I believe there are a lot of great songs in her future. Her track erase me feat. Jacob Collier is still on repeat for me.

There is some money being spent on these videos. There’s a polish and measure here as well that amplifies the trickle engagement leading up to her Five Seconds Flat LP in April.

She has trickled three singles thus far and this feels like a big label but it’s not.

This a great example of the new non-label world emerging for very talented artists.

lizzie mcalpine

Her ‘label service’ is Harbor Artists & Music, exclusively licensed to AWAL records. “Harbour Artists & Music is an independent music company providing management and record label services for a small collection of artists.

Artist-Owned (meaning I am 99.99% sure she owns her masters), Label Service, and modern upstart AWAL as the label.

“AWAL also known as “Artists Without A Label” is a British music distribution company owned by Sony Music Entertainment. The company serves as an alternative to the traditional music label deal, offering deal structures to artists and independent labels without them giving up ownership or control.”

Yes, owned by Sony, but this is an example of how the landscape for artists is changing.

Our mission is to enable artists, empowering them to build self-sustaining global businesses whilst being creatively uncompromising.

So, with YouTube as her early promotive arm, a couple of EPs (her first in 2018 being 100% Indy), then her first LP with just Harbour and then with AWAL for this upcoming LP.

No big label thing… and it will be interesting to see what happens after the April release.

She has 2.48 million MSL’s, estimated 7.5 million world wide monthly listeners.

She’s in solid art money territory and she calls the shots.