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The Lowdown on Lofi Music

We’re all in favor of a little peace. In fact, we work hard to get the lighting right in both our home and office, the temperature set perfectly and even catch the occasional Ted Talk on the subject.

All, that’s left is to find the right music to complement it and that’s where Lofi comes in.

What Is Lofi Music?

Lofi is music, which according to its own practitioners, is intentionally bland. 

It blends together jazz, soul, hip hop and delivers the kind of sound that would be the perfect background music to a night at a rooftop bar, pleasant but completely unobtrusive. 

Yet, despite this rather pedestrian sounding vibe – Lofi Music is all the rage in certain circles.

Why Do People Listen To Lofi? 

Well, they don’t listen to Lofi music for the same reasons that you might listen to rock or reggae, that’s for sure. 

With 4 million+ listening to playlists nearly constantly on Spotify and other sources, they’re driven to use Lofi for the opposite of gearing up.

Business people, college students, and others, turn to this new genre to calm down. 

The slow formless tempo develops an aural cocoon in which the listener can switch off the noise of the world around them and relax instead.

Are There Other Similar Genres To Lofi? 

We’ve noticed that if you play enough Lofi playlists on YouTube that they start to direct you to other sonic landscapes that are also somehow nostalgic and chill.

One regular recommendation is the old-school computer game soundtracks which are also very popular with the LoFi audience. 

You might think of it as “furniture music” – which was designed by Erik Satie, a French composer, and they felt this to be a category of music that you heard but never really listened to. 

lofi music

Are There Popular Lofi Artists?

Yes, though “popular” is, of course, on a sliding scale – Lofi artists don’t top the charts but on their scene these folks rule:

  • Bishop Nehru – the hip hop influences are golden here and there’s a real feeling of art taken to a higher level with Bishop Nehru.
  • Rejjie Snow – an artist that accepts no limitations or barriers on their style, Rejjie Snow is more than just the Lofi world’s rapping prince, much more.
  • Ocha – fittingly this is a mysterious project for a mysterious scene but everyone is anyone on the scene has enjoyed some Ocha.

Final Notes

It’s not for everybody and it’s not for every occasion but Lofi can really get you in the mood to work or to relax. 

The slower pace just brings on a new and unique vibe. It hits different.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this brief lowdown on Lofi. We hope you check some out in the near future. Have fun!

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