Lost Futures by Marisa Anderson/William Tyler

This folk debut is an eloquent tribute to the American Southwest and the centerpiece is the incredible guitar duets performed by Anderson and Tyler.

It was recorded during the Portland protests (maybe riots, depending on whose story you believe) and we think you can feel the tension bubbling under in Lost Futures.

One thing that struck us about this album is how very well structured it feels, it’s the work of two consummate professionals coming together to signpost the journey and take you through its twists and turns without losing you. 

Check out Hurricane Light and its tempestuous raw path and you’ll never feel abandoned and then breathe easy during the much calmer notes of Life and Casualty and there they are with you again. 

Sure, some might say the songs are not as “big” as Tyler’s solo material or as “experimental” as Anderson’s but surely that’s the point of a collaborative effort to get something greater than the sum of the parts? 

On Lost Futures, we think you’ve got exactly that. 

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