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Mosh Potatoes Is For Hungry Heavy-Metalers

What kind of food would Ozzy Osborne be? Well, probably bat soup, but that’s beside the point, really. 

In Mosh Potatoes, the author Steve Seabury, asks the question: what kind of recipe goes with the greatest rock and roll

And then he created those recipes, so we can all enjoy the taste of umm… Anthrax. 

Why We Love Mosh Potatoes

OK, sure Anthrax might not sound that tasty but Steve’s Orange Tequila Shrimp which is meant to represent Joey Belladonna and which comes with a set of instructions for making margaritas too, is very tasty, indeed. 

Mosh Potatoes

Lemmy’s Krakatoa Surprise is definitely surprising and, perhaps, the sort of thing you want to try outdoors before burning down your home making it. 

In short, if you love food and you love heavy metal, you’re going to love Mosh Potatoes just as we did. 

However, if you just love food, you might want to give this a shot too, the recipes are awesome.

Final Thoughts On Mosh Potatoes

Mosh Potatoes is such a brilliant idea that we wish we’d had it first. It works really well too. 

The recipes are truly in keeping with the metal they represent and they taste great too. 

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You can grab a copy online here.

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