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Music of the Week – 7th December, 2022

RM Indigo

Still Life

Artist: RM

Indigo is the first solo effort from RM, best known as the leader of the global sensation BTS. It’s also a modern classic. Still Life is a collaborative effort with Anderson.

Paak and it’s a celebration of what it is to be alive, “I’m still life / Life is better than the death, I’ll prove it.” On a record with so much to like, Still Life is a great introduction but not the only thing worth hearing.

Give it a listen here.

White Lung Premonition


Artist: White Lung

Premonition is officially the fifth and final album from Canada’s favorite punk rockers.

If you’re already a fan there’s plenty here that you’re going to love, but there’s been no major musical progression since their last outing either.

The opening track, our pick, Hysteric, offers “Oh, what a waste to be burdened with the hollow demands of another man’s head.”

Give it a listen here.

Leftfield This Is What We Do


Artist: Leftfield

This Is What We Do is Leftfield’s fourth album in 30 years. That means our expectations were high for this and the good news is that our expectations were met.

This is electronic pop as it’s meant to be and there’s no doubt that the time that goes into crafting these songs is well spent. We very much enjoyed the lead single Accumulator and it’s our pick to whet your appetite for more.

Give it a listen here.

Metro Boomin Heroes & Villains

Umbrella (with 21 Savage & Young Nudy)

Artist: Metro Boomin

Heroes & Villains is a collection of works from the hip hop producer Metro Boomin. And it’s the production that makes this record.

The songs may not be natural classics but polished like this, they are absolute gems. Umbrella featuring 21 Savage and Young Nudy is a solid example of the workmanship on this record.

Give it a listen here.

A$AP Rocky Shittin’ Me

Shittin’ Me

Artist: A$AP Rocky

Shittin’ Me is a single release and it’s meant to make you feel like you’re in a “viral mosh pit” and will be turning up on the next Need for Speed game.

At two and a half minutes long, it’s not going to change anybody’s world but it’s a solid track and reminds you why A$AP Rocky is considered to be one of the scene’s major talents.

Give it a listen here.

Akon TT Freak

TT Freak

Artist: Akon

TT Freak is Akon’s latest EP and it’s been created in partnership with TikTok and despite the corporate influence it’s Akon at his best. This is a very approachable EP that has plenty of musical development to recommend it to the listener.

The title track TT Freak is an avant-garde masterpiece that shows why this artist has accumulated billions of views on his videos on all platforms not just TikTok.

Give it a listen here.

Rural Internet Saint Anger

Circus (Feat. Stomach Book)

Artist: Rural Internet

Saint Anger is an odd choice of album title given that it didn’t exactly do well for Metallica when they used it, but that’s the way industrial hip hop act Rural Internet went anyway.

And it’s a bit of a mixed bag, there’s plenty of clever lyricism on display in tracks like Circus (feat. Stomach Book) but musically they’re not always coherent about which direction they’re heading in.

Give it a listen here.

Sophie Jamieson Choosing


Artist: Sophie Jamieson

Choosing is a good record, not a great one. And that’s a bit of a shame because to get the most out of this album, it needs repeated listens and we’re not sure that everyone will stick with it.

Sink is a solid track, mind you, which regales the listener with a tale of downing a bottle of whiskey and the comfort and sorrow that it brings.

Give it a listen here.

Snotty Nose Rez Kids I’m Good, HBU

Damn Right

Artist: Snotty Nose Rez Kids

I’m Good, HBU may be the finest slice of Canadian hip hop this year. This is a clever, raucous, amusing, and hard-hitting album on which the lyricism shines through.

The opening guitar riff of Damn Right will grab your attention and then the production and verbal athletics will make sure it keeps your attention. Don’t miss this – it’s a great record.

Give it a listen here.

Suss Suss

Winter Was Hard

Artist: Suss

Suss is a superb album of ambient country tunes. The band are now without their founding member Gary Leib after he passed away last year, but we’re glad that they decided to carry on with this record because it’s tight and brilliant.

Winter Was Hard is one of four parts of the album and each is designed to create a distinct atmosphere. If you like it, listen to the rest of the record, it’s worth it.

Give it a listen here.

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