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Music of the Week – 21st December, 2022

The Playlist

Slip On A Banana Clip

Artist: Germ & $uicideboy$

DIRTIERNASTIEST$UICIDE is the second collaborative effort between Germ and $uicideboy$ and a bit like the first, Germ is clearly the stronger artist.

Slip on A Banana Clip is pretty typical of what’s on offer on this short and reasonably sweet EP.

The beats are excellent and the lyrics are clever enough that when the talent’s not entirely there, the songs don’t collapse under their own weight.

Listen to it here.


Artist: Boldy James & Cuns

Be That As It May is the fourth collaborative effort from Boldy James this year! (Real Bad Man, Futurewave and Nicholas Craven have already been and gone).

We’ll set aside the tragic moniker of “Cuns” and focus on the music here.

Footprints is a solid intro to what’s in store and to be honest, we barely noticed the guests or Cuns, this is Boldy James and it’s pretty good.

Listen to it here.


Artist: The Alchemist

The Alchemist Sandwich is the latest offering from a man who is lauded as one of the best, if not THE best producer in hip-hop.

There’s nothing here that says “world beating” but it’s a decent and dependable outing from start to finish.

Massacre is one of our favorite tracks on this release and it’s just perfectly layered.

Listen to it here.

Mad Max

Artist: Lil Durk & OTF

Loyal Bros 2 comes just nine months after Lil Durk’s 7220 and it certainly sees plenty of improvement since that album.

There are 23 songs on this record and they mainly involve collaborations with the biggest upcoming artists on the Chicago scene.

We picked Mad Max as our top track based on the bouncy piano infusing the beats. This is a solid sophomore outing and it’s all worth a listen.

Listen to it here.

Beep Beep 

Artist: Young Dolph

Paper Route Frank is the posthumous final outing of Young Dolph and it’s a genuine showcase of the lyrical genius and his approach to his art.

Beep Beep might not be the catchiest song title but it’s slick as slick can be and the appearance from 2 Chainz is superb.

You can tell that they were genuine friends and that’s a great way to be remembered, right?

Listen to it here.

Burn Everything (Ft. Kanye West)

Artist: Sean Leon

Immunity Herd II is the second release this year from Sean Leon and it’s very much the other half of Immunity Herd which hit the shelves in July.

We’re not sure how the inclusion of Kanye West on this record will go down but Burn Everything is a truly excellent example of just how much talent Ye has and how Sean Leon brings out the best in the people he works with.

Listen to it here.


Artist: Mimi Barks

Deadgirl is a solid fusion of hip-hop and industrial metal from Mimi Barks and this is a sensuous record that never seems to be heading where you think it’s heading.

‘I’m my own God / And I believe in nothing but pain,’ she declares on the title track and you certainly believe that she believes it. If you want menace, swagger and intelligence, this is a great place to find it.

Listen to it here.

Glass Slipper

Artist: Mori Calliope

SINDERELLA is an improvement on the first, pretty awful, release from Mori Calliope and songs like Glass Slipper are very much worth your time.

The trouble is that this record still lacks any kind of cohesion and the constant blend of new styles and sounds is too much to be enjoyable.

They’d be better off focusing on something than being a jack of all trades but a definite master of none.

Listen to it here.

Little Song

Artist: Nadje Noordhuis

Full Circle is a mature and intelligent release from the jazz musician Nadje Noordhuis. There is an overwhelming sense, as you listen to this record, that perhaps, everything in the world will be OK, after all.

It’s hard to believe that in her native Australia this artist had issues getting noticed. Check out Little Song and then listen to the rest of the album, this is a great record.

Listen to it here.

Foxfire Wine

Artist: Pony Bradshaw

North Georgia Rounder, Ch 1-4 is 34 minutes long and contains just 8 songs. If you know what to expect from Pony Bradshaw, this will be right up your street, if you like the sound of “North Georgia Southern Gothic” then you’ll want to give it a try.

Foxfire Wine is a nice introduction to a complex and clever album that we’ll be listening to time and time again.

Listen to it here.

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