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Dark Enough To See The Stars

Artist: Weezer

SZNZ:Winter is a seriously mixed bag with every song that seems destined to become a classic, matched by one that should never have seen the public airspace.

Dark Enough To See The Stars is beautiful and brilliant and it makes you wish that the rest of the record lived up to this standard of musicianship, but sadly, it doesn’t.

Listen to it here.

Year Like This

Artist: Gabbie Hanna

This Time Next Year was probably held back for the Christmas week, so that nobody would notice how much of a nothing this record is. Year Like This is a solid enough single track but the rest of this record needed far, far more effort put in.

Sure, this is her second record in 5 months, but that’s not an excuse for albums like this. On the bright side, you can see for yourself given that this “album” is only 24 minutes long.

Listen to it here.

Dancing’s Done

Artist: Ava Max

Dancing’s Done is a single, not an album, and it’s the fourth track to be taken from Diamonds & Dancefloors but it’s a slow week for releases and this is a great song.

“People like you and me were born to run / So where we going when the dancing’s done?” Ava Max delivers another poppy, punchy, piece that’s worth everyone’s time.

Listen to it here.


Artist: Oliver Tree

Cowboy Tears Drown The World In A Swimming Pool Of Sorrow may hold the record for the longest album title that we’ve reviewed this year.

The trouble is that, Wasteland aside, this is the kind of novelty record that you’ll already know whether or not you’re going to like before you listen to it.

Cowboy emo is either your thing or it’s not. It’s not mine.

Listen to it here.


Artist: DC The Don

Sacred Heart is a mixed tape with a bunch of loose ends and pieces that didn’t fit on anything else.

If you know that when you go in, you’ll be able to have a good time despite the fact that this is not going to be anybody’s idea of a classic album.

We liked Umbrella which has a touch of his “Come as You Are” period about it.

Listen to it here.

Seungmin (Stars and Raindrops) 

Artist: Stray Kids

SKZ-Replay is the latest release from Korea’s rather less lauded K-Pop act Stray Kids. K-pop fans will find plenty here to keep them entertained but it’s the kind of record that is unlikely to win them a big new audience either.

There’s plenty of professionalism in place and we liked Seungmin (Stars and Raindrops) as the best song on the release.

Listen to it here.

Love Me Hard

Artist: Sugababes 

The Lost Tapes was recorded 8 years ago and was released as a kind of thank you letter to the band’s undeniably decent-sized fanbase.

It, apparently, took a fair amount of courtroom warfare to get the rights together to put this out and it delivers a solid pop feel, if ever so slightly dated now. Love Me Hard is an obvious dancefloor filler.

Listen to it here.

Have Some Coffee

Artist: DJ Impala 

Have Some Coffee is a single release and it’s one of the best outputs from DJ Impala ever! We liked the lo-fi vibe of this record and that it has a certain atmosphere that you could really lose yourself in.

If we were to spend our Christmas day immersed in an instrumental effort it might well be to Have Some Coffee.

Listen to it here.


Artist: YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Lost Files is a leak and it’s quite a bit better than some of YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s actual studio releases this year. He has an incredible work ethic and still manages to prioritize quality over just quantity.

We liked Nurse as the best track on the disc, it’s full of passion and intelligence and it hits home hard, just the way that we assume he wants it to.

Listen to it here.


Artist: Tom MacDonald

Ghost is a single release and because it was Tom MacDonald we were expecting something fun but witty and incisive. Instead, we got Ghost. We’re not hating on his politics but this is a weak sauce in the extreme.

It just feels like Tom’s going through the motions here, trying to grab a Xmas hit for the least amount of work ever.

Listen to it here.

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