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Music of the Week – 16th November, 2022

Run The Jewels - RTJ Cu4tro


Artist: Run The Jewels

RTJ Cu4tro is the rap duo, Run The Jewels’, latest release and it’s brimming with authenticity while remaining unafraid to take risks and explore new ground.

It’s a remix album that has a ton of collaborating artists and JU$T is one stand-out track on a record full of exceptional pieces. This is rap the way it should be done.

Listen to it here.

Duval Timothy - Meeting with a Judas Tree


Artist: Duval Timothy

Meeting with a Judas Tree is the latest output from the South London-based Duval Timothy.

It’s a clever concept that brings together his impressions as he travels the Mediterranean and the people who have trod the ground before him. And Thunder speaks loudly about what it is to travel to anyone who has.

Listen to it here.

Bruce Springsteen - Only The Strong Survive

I Forgot To Be Your Lover

Artist: Bruce Springsteen

Only the Strong Survive is Bruce Springsteen’s collection of covers of old soul music, something which, we confess, we weren’t exactly expecting from “The Boss”. I Forgot To Be Your Lover is a song that he plays live with Sam Moore on occasion and it’s presented beautifully on this album.

However, overall, we can’t help but wish he’d taken a few more risks in his song selection for this affable but unmemorable album.

Listen to it here.

Ernest Hood - Back To The Woodlands

Bedroom of the Absent Child

Artist: Ernest Hood

Back to the Woodlands was written and performed nearly 40 years ago as the artist’s own counterpoint to his album Neighborhoods.

Yet, apart from a brief appearance on his private pressing label, it hasn’t been heard since. This is good news for listeners as you can tell from our top track, Bedroom of the Absent Child.

Listen to it here.

Christine and the Queens Redcar - les adorables étoiles

My Birdman

Artist: Christine And The Queens (as Redcar)

les adorables étoiles (prologue) is the third album from this odd group and the lead singer Heloise Letissier recently came out as a trans man. Overall, it’s an odd record that feels more like a collection of singles than a whole piece.

However, My Birdman is a great piece with a real early 90s vibe, it’s like Prince came back to life for a moment.

Listen to it here.

Morris Day - Last Call

Grown Man (Feat. Big Daddy Kane)

Artist: Morris Day

Last Call is officially the “last solo album” from Morris Day. Given his career started in the 80s, you can hardly blame the soul/funk/rock legend for wanting to take it easy now.

However, there’s nothing on this album that smacks of giving up. Grown Man is the lead single from the record and it’s a fitting taste of what’s to come.

Listen to it here.

GloRilla - Anyways, Life's Great


Artist: GloRilla

Anyways, Life’s Great… is GloRilla at her best. The album is a solid collection of tunes that work together to form something greater than the individual parts.

We loved Blessed which is witty and fierce as she directs her ire on the haters and record labels complaining about her success and growing wealth.

Listen to it here.

Actress - Dummy Corporation

Fragments Of A Butterflies Face

Artist: Actress

Dummy Corporation is an EP and the first from Actress since 2014. Fragments Of A Butterflies Face is very much typical of a record that only weighs in at 20 minutes in total. It makes you feel like you’re on the dancefloors of your youth with a hint of the clock ticking in the background.

Listen to it here.

Bill frisell - Four

Claude Utley

Artist: Bill Frisell 

Four may be the best jazz album that we’ve heard this year. It’s a clever and hopeful album that examines friendship, loss and the rebirth of newer, stronger ties.

Claude Utley is, of course, a tribute to the painter that passed away in Seattle in 2021. There’s so much style on display here that you’ll absolutely have to listen to more than one track.

Listen to it here.

Gold Panda - The Work

The Dream

Artist: Gold Panda 

The Work is another low-key electronica masterpiece and one of those records that worms its way into your consciousness. The Dream is a great tune that has a trip-hop undertone that balances against some lo-fi cleverness to draw you in, we love the Eastern feeling to the instrumentation on this track too.

Listen to it here.

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