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Music of the Week – 19th October, 2022

The Playlist



Artist: M.I.A.

M.I.A. is back for the first time in forever and her new album Mata is controversial enough that she’s already been banned from an awards ceremony!

Popular is the early single and it’s a fiery critique of identity politics and cancel culture. She’s not pulling any punches and we’re glad to see a music artist actually rebelling for once, full marks. 

Listen to it here.

Lil Baby - It's Only Me

Emotionally Scarred

Artist: Lil Baby

Dominique Armani Jones or Lil Baby is back with It’s Only Me. It’s a very different record from her previous outings, more laid back and relaxed like a chat with an old friend.

“I’m still out here, still don’t know how to feel about it.” she sings on Emotionally Scarred and that’s kind of how we currently think about this album. It probably needs repeated listens to get the most out of it.

Listen to it here.

Tove Lo - Dirt Femme

2 Die 4

Artist: Tove Lo

Dirt Femme is an album we weren’t expecting as Tove Lo had kind of dropped off the radar but we’re glad she’s back and it’s a great record. 2 Die 4 is one of the best dance numbers on the record and if you want some EDM-based pop, you just can’t go wrong with this one. Crank up the bass and get grooving.

Listen to it here.

Mavi - Laughing So Hard It Hurts

Spoiled Brat

Artist: Mavi 

Laughing So Hard It Hurts is a very self-aware album from an artist whose career took off before his 20th birthday. Spoiled Brat is an ideal example of this boasting about his ability and originality while still tipping his hat to his own vulnerability. We loved the jazzy sound to this record throughout, it’s a step up on his last outing.

Listen to it here.

Mykki Blanco - Stay Close To Music

Trust a Little Bit

Artist: Mykki Blanco

Stay Close to Music is the latest record from Mykki Blanco the stand-out trans star of America’s rap scene. Unfortunately, while her bravery knows no bounds, this album isn’t the most consistent of records.

However, Trust a Litte Bit is a solid track with a pleasant tender feel that invites the listener to appreciate Mykki at her best.

Listen to it here.

AO Gerber - Meet Me At The Gloaming

Just As A Child

Artist: AO Gerber

Meet Me at the Gloaming is AO Gerber’s sophomore effort and it absolutely shines. This pleasant, reflective record puts you in an indie/ambient vibe that is absolutely tonally on point.

Just As A Child is a standout track that offers a keen string-driven edge. If you want to chill out after a long day at work, you can do much worse than listen to this album.

Listen to it here.

The 1975 - Being Funny in a Foreign Language

When We Are Together

Artist: The 1975

When was the last time you bought a pop album that was unashamedly about love?

Being Funny in a Foreign Language is that album. And it’s near perfect too. When We Are Together has a pleasant soft rock edge to it that just works.

There’s so much honesty in the music here that you can’t help but be impressed.

Listen to it here.

Daphne Parker Powell - The Starter Wife

Little Prince

Artist: Daphne Parker Powell

The Starter Wife is Powell’s sixth album and it’s all about her pain in dealing with her recent divorce. She wants to post the question, “what’s forever for?” and it works.

Little Prince is the opening track and it shows off her vocal range plus a super sweet piano and violin combo. You can’t go wrong with this folk-pop instant classic in our book.

Listen to it here.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Exception


Artist: Ryuichi Sakamoto

Exception (Original Soundtrack) is the score for a Netflix Anime series and if that makes you groan inwardly, it shouldn’t. This isn’t Dragonball Z and the tunes are infinitely more adult than you’d expect. Collusion is a wonderful introduction to the sonic layers that you can find on here and it’s worth every second of your time.

Listen to it here.

Zella Day - Sunday In Heaven

Mushroom Punch

Artist: Zella Day

Sunday in Heaven is an absolute dance floor genius and this sophomore record speaks volumes about the potential of this singer/songwriter.

“And I drink too much and think too much, no self-control / I’m gonna mushroom punch my way down the rabbit hole,” she sings on the opener Mushroom Punch and we went all the way down with her. Wonderful stuff.

Listen to it here.

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