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Music of the Week – 23rd November, 2022

The Playlist

King Size

Artist: Roddy Ricch

Feed Tha Streets III is the third, and by far, weakest installment in Roddy Ricch’s series of mixtapes. King Size is an undeniable stand out track on a collection of otherwise unremarkable efforts. The rest is repetitive and uninteresting. We were expecting much better than this, particularly, given the amount of time it took to release.

Listen to it here.

Barometric Cascade (Signal Collapse)

Artist: Daniel Bachman

Almanac Behind is Bachman’s tribute to nature album and it’s all about the panic that is supposed to result from the climate crisis “tipping point”. Barometric Cascade (Signal Collapse) uses slide guitar effects to make you feel the weather building up against you. The album itself is designed as a loop, so you can play it endlessly and feel blown around yourself.

Listen to it here.

The Worst Is Done

Artist: Weyes Blood

And In The Darkness, Hearts Aglow is the fifth studio effort from Natalie Mering and it’s a wonderful testament to the human condition.

This is a wonderful set of love songs and spiritual sounds that are superbly set to arrangements that soar. There are no bad tracks here and The Worst is Done is simply our favorite of the bunch.

Listen to it here.

Slide – Fermented Spirits

Artist: dumhi

Uncle Miles is dumhi’s first venture in a new direction. Relying far less on samples than previous efforts, the artist has gone all in on his own compositions and instrumentation.

It’s a positive choice which results in a record that has a strong identity. We really liked MicheleQJ’s lyrics and vocal line on Slide – Fermented Spirits and that’s why it’s our top pick on the record.

Listen to it here.

The Night (feat. Alison Goldfrapp) 

Artist: Röyksopp

Profound Mysteries III is the third part of a trilogy of albums from Norway’s best known pioneers of electronica and it’s not bad at all.

There’s a huge amount of ambition in some of the tracks, though we note that sometimes, this heads into indulgent waters. The Night is an excellent tune that wastes not a single second of its seven and a half minute play time.

Listen to it here.

simmer down

Artist: Fousheé

softCORE is the official debut release of Foushee. She’s an artist who’s been in high demand given her unique vocal appeal and she’s starred on so many other records, that we were surprised this was her first run out.

Unfortunately, this blend of punk and R&B doesn’t quite pull off what we were hoping for, either. The track simmer down is a solid, angry aggressive number where the punk element shines, it’s when the R&B comes to the fore that things go sideways.

Listen to it here.

Work (feat. Cor.Ece, Dave Giles II & Mike Dunn)

Artist: Honey Dijon

Black Girl Magic is a collection of fifteen house tracks that celebrate black queer identity. The problem is that there’s little consistency and this sounds like a singles collection, not an album.

Work is a great number that has solid vocals from the guest appearances and is likely to be a dancefloor filler, and taken individually, each song is just fine but taken together? It’s just not quite right, yet.

Listen to it here.


Artist: Caitlin Rose

CAZIMI has been a long time coming but now after nine long years, we finally have Caitlin Rose’s third album. Was it worth the wait? We think it was.

This is a honky tonk album that covers the full spectrum of emotion and doesn’t bring you down. Well, except for our top pick, Blameless which is absolutely soul wrenching.

Listen to it here.

Cautious Clay - Thin Ice On The Cake

Burning Up Slow

Artist: Cautious Clay

Thin Ice On The Cake is Clay’s latest EP and it features three new tracks as well as some remixes. We opted for the classic Burning Up Slow as our pick but this is a very well put together record with no filler items. It’s also short enough to easily consume in one sitting, so we recommend that you do.

Clay says the EP’s concept is meant to make you celebrate the joy in life and we think he hits the nail on the head.

Listen to it here.

Phony Ppl - Euphonyus

Fkn Around (Feat. Megan Thee Stallion)

Artist: Phony Ppl 

Euphonyus is the latest release from this Brooklyn based crew and it’s rock solid.

As you might expect, their collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion, the single (previously released) Fkn Around is the stand out number but there’s plenty to be positive about here. This record makes us want to dance all night long.

Listen to it here.

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